'The Young Horses vs. Old Turks'

‘The Young Horses vs. Old Turks’

‘The Young Horses vs. Old Turks’

This is a short story of ‘The Young Horses vs. Old Turks’. In a couple of days, well be celebrating the 64 independence on 15 august 63 years of independence-independence means to think freely, enact and excel. But are we really free?

The British left but there still exits a monarchy of our leaders. We can go to vote, but never really chose. We may have different options, I mean different political parties, but the result is the same.

'The Young Horses vs. Old Turks'

Young Horses vs. Old Turks each new leader is just like the old one CORRUPT, MALICE and MOST OF ALL OLD. Octogenarians who can hardly hear, see, understand us become our leaders. They are totally cut off from the reality of life and live in the old world of their own unable to read the writings on the wall. The fact is I can’t even dream in my wildest imaginations my district MLA/MP with black hairs.  ‘Indian political establishment looks like an exclusive pensioners’ club in which entry is only possible, if you have grey hairs and for exit well for that you’ll have to round up a couple of terrorists.

Very few political grandees have had the grace and dignity to retire voluntarily to the back benches once their prime is over. Retirement does not feature in their political lexicon where as in England TONY BLAIR relinquished the office of the prime minister this year after spending a decade in power.

He was just 56. If he were in India he still could go on for another 25 to 30 years! His successor Gordon Brown is a baby in Indian terms just 42 years old! George Bush isn’t yet 60; and Barrack Obama is in his mid 40s. But the question here is why is it that in India, the world’s largest democracy, where the total number of children and youth, in the age group of 6 to 24 years, is about 460 million, the youth are not given an opportunity to take up political leadership?

Time requires drastic measures. WE need to awaken India. For this we need able bodied workers not geriatrics. We need enthusiastic leaders, not tired voices. We need young charismatic leaders not old war horses lest we should be banished in the battle field of modern cut throat competition.

We need role models not selfish devils caped in white with their hypothetical promises. Ladies and gentle men we need the young Indian blood; the young blood which can catalyze steel into gold.

The young blood can only revolutionize our daily lives an turn this country into a super country. But the unfortunate truth is that in this race the old Turks are winning even without stamina, speed and technique; and our 1 billion strong audiences are just cheering along.

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