speed thrills, but kills

Speed Thrills, But Kills

Speed Thrills, But Kills

Every many hundreds are killed in various road accidents. One of the main reasons for road accident is speed driving. Speed Thrills, But Kills.

Every day hundreds of lives are lost due to road accidents in the Indian cities. There are many reasons for these tragic accidents. One major cause is speed driving.

Modern technology enables us drive very fast but our roads are not meant for speed driving.

Hence often such vehicles end up in accidents. Poor traffic culture is another major cause for road accidents in big cities. Non maintenance of installed traffic signals, ill equipped and untrained traffic police are other causes.

Taking the ideas from the visual given below the using my own ideas. Road safety does not happen accidentally, but requires deliberate effort by multi-stakeholders to make this world a safer place to live in.

Speed Thrills, But Kills

It is believed that the rapid growth in vehicle ownership, construction of high-speed roads and expressways, the demand for road transport will further lead to more accidents and fatalities in the Indian cities.

Therefore there is an urgent need to address issues, such as, speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, promoting the use of helmet, seat belts and other restraints, improving the design of roads and vehicles, enforcing road safety regulations, improving emergency medical services and other related issues.

So that we can prevent such heavy loss of precious lives on roads.

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