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Global warming| causes| effects| facts & solutions

Once upon a time about 50 years ago we were assured that everything’s going to be alright. It is not the end of the world. We are doing the best we can.

But its relevance is highly doubted nowadays. In my anger I’m not crying and in my fear I’m not afraid in telling the world how I feel.

To answer the question that if our planet will survive global warming I would say, no. We will not go on, at least not as we are right now. We might last as a civilization for another few hundred or few thousand years

But eventually there will be another worldwide epidemic or mass extinction event. If any humans survive past such a calamity, they will go on, but in a radically altered, primitive world.

Their descendants will forge ahead and continue to evolve, possibly rebuilding some sort of technical and civilized world over the period of thousands or tens of thousands of years.

Even they will eventually succumb to Mother Nature, likely to be brought down by climate change, famine, disease or another catastrophic extinction event.

No matter how the descendants of humans try to adapt or cope, they will always be at the mercy of Nature.

Today, all we do is buy and throw away… buy and throw away. Even when we know that we are at a stage of environmental crisis some of us don’t care about Mother Nature.

So when we don’t deserve to live on these planets then why are we trying to save it? The only way for the Human species to survive long term, really long term, is to spread out amongst the stars and inhabit a number of exoplanets. The more planets we populate, the greater our chances of survival.

If we continue to populate only one planet, Earth, then no, we will not survive.

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