‘Establish peace in the world’ 

‘Establish peace in the world’ 

World peace day

Many thousands of innocent people get killed every year in violent attacks. The destruction the World Trade Center in New York claimed about ten thousand lives.‘Establish peace in the world’  The recent Mumbai attack was one of the worst terrorist strikes in India.

We have lost more human lives including the civilians and the security forces in terrorist attacks in recent years than that would have been lost in a regular war.

Other than bilateral as well as other political reasons there many other global issues, which have caused unrest all over the world.

A major reason for the growth of violence in the world is the lack economic development in many parts of world.

A large section of world population has been marginalized due to the globalization of the economy. Establish peace in the world This has lead to large sale unemployment in the developing nations and the youth in these countries have become very unrest over this issue.

‘Establish peace in the world’ 

The religious fundamentalists exploit the situation to their advantage by getting these young people into terrorist strike.

The cultural invasion of the west is also another reason for the growth of terrorism in the world today. The fast developing telecommunications and the cable net works bring the western lifestyle into our midst.

This makes the religious fundamentalist worry about losing their followers and so they brainwash the youth and get them on to their side and force them to fight a holy war against the Americans.

We need to realize that no war can ever establish peace in the world.

What is required today is a realization among the youth to shed hatred and unite as one nation, one world and one human society and learn to live in peace and harmony with one another.

‘The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. There is only one good. knowledge and one , Education is commonly referred to as the process of learning and obtaining knowledge at school, in a form of formal education.

However, unfortunately we have places in the world, where not everyone has an opportunity to receive this formal type of education. The opportunities that are offered are greatly limited.

Sometimes there are not enough resources to provide schooling. Furthermore because parents need their children to help them work in factories, have odd jobs, or just do farm work. The absolute numbers of illiterates remains obstinately high.

Literacy efforts have not kept pace with population growth-in South and West Asia and in Sub-Saharan Africa numbers of illiterates have increased since 1990. 20% world population is still illiterates. Illiteracy is at a higher level among women.

‘Establish peace in the world’ After independence, India has built up a very large system of education guided by a process of planning and recommendations of several national commissions set up by the Government of India.

But the question remains to be answered: “does this education empower the powerless and the voiceless in this country? With my head down with shame and embarrassment let me here state that the kind of the educational system we follow in this country is discriminatory, and it helps only the most powerful and the rich.

Establish peace and love in the world. Recently, a rapid assessment was done by an NGO in 20 cities across the country. Children between the ages of 7 and 14 were the focus of the exercise.

Establish peace in the world are two basic questions were asked: Is the child enrolled in formal school? Among those going to school can the child read simple text fluently? Is quality education imparted to all alike?

Does education give voice to the voiceless and power to the powerless? The result of this survey was astounding! The percentage of children who can barely read the alphabet or nothing at all increases from 24% in Maharashtra, 33% in Gujrat to 46% in the Northern states.

Nearly 14 crore children are out of school, this situation is especially worse in Bihar, Rajasthan and Jharkhand, where 10% or more of school-age children are not enrolled.

In three out of four schools visited by volunteers collecting data, the teachers were present, as they are expected to be but 3 out of 10 schools visited did not have any teacher present.

I can keep on giving you statistics of this kind unending. And from this it is as clear as day light that today’s education does not cater to the interests of the poor and the voiceless.

There exists a wide inequality and social injustice on account of flawed educational policies followed in many countries of the world.

If my opponent can be proved right the condition of the world would have been much better.

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