Einstein's Formula For Success

Einstein’s Formula For Success

The secret of einstein’s sucess

Einstein is one of the greatest scientists the world has ever known. He had the unique genius of getting to the heart of any problem and suggesting the simplest possible solution.

He wrestled with the most complex problems in physics but he used only paper, pencil, and the blackboard.

Once when he was asked what the secret of his achievements was, he replied, with characteristic simplicity and mathematical brevity:

S =X+Y+Z, where.

S = Success

X = Hard work

Y = Rest or Relaxation

Z = Keeping one’s mouth shut.

This formula is universally valid.

Without hard work no one can achieve excellence in any field. Even a great batsman cannot afford to miss net practice before an important match.

Einstein's Formula For Success

Rest or relaxation is an equally essential requirement, as we have seen earlier. Einstein himself was fond of music. Once, when he was greatly distressed and disappointed, as he found that his solution to a most complex problem in physics was wrong, he played the violin for several hours.

Z, that is silence, has great significance. Silence is golden, as the proverb goes. Silence makes us think deeply. It endows our mind with serenity. It gives us a sense of proportion. It can be creative.

It is for this reason that Mahatma Gandhi used to observe silence one day in the week.


Einstein’s Formula For Success

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