21st century

21st century well belongs to India

21st century well belongs to India

Of the 130 newly independent countries that became the members of the UN, India is one of the few countries that have remained a democracy for the past 63 years. 21st century well belongs to India is the result of a truly farsighted decision taken by our constitution makers.

There is indeed no doubt That it is growing to be super power country in the world. 25 years thence India would be a global force to reckon with.

It is true that we have facing various problems but India has begun overcoming many of its deficiencies and has discovered new strengths.

India has finally entered a virtuous circle of long-term economic growth, with strong fundamentals and a booming young population, forcing the world to sit up and take notice.

The boom in the information technology and IT-enabled services has seen.

India become the back office of the world for vital functions that range from school homework guidance to telemarketing and airline booking services.

India is now in a demographic situation where a significant part of its 1.17 billion population is a youthful asset.

Ancient India is today home to the largest percentage of youngest population in the world with more youth below 25 years of age than any other nation.

This means India is one of the few countries that will not have to worry about a labor shortage for decades to come. This will also have the automatic effect of pushing up the growth and savings rates and of servicing the global economy.

Despite a full range of political philosophies from Left to Right in the country, there is now a broad national consensus in favor of economic reforms, with disagreements only in detail and manner of execution – as seen since 1991.
For much of its 60 years of existence, India appeared in the western press as a land of maharajahs, beggars and deluded socialists. Why abruptly now it is being branded as a superpower? The answer is clear. The West wants to use India as a strategic partner in the changing global scenario after 9/11.

Forget about India being a superpower, is it really a free India? How free are we now? Infants die of hunger, women are sold as sex workers; victims of communal riots live in slums, terrorism and social unrest take away hundreds of lives every year- and yet someone said India is a super power.21st century well belongs to India

About 220 million Indians live under the poverty line; about 836 miller Indians have Rs20- a day to live their life and we still call this country a superpower! Yes, I do agree our economy has been growing 8% and above during the past five years.

But it is shocking that the growth has little impact on education, nutrition, 21st century well belongs to India and health of the poor Wide divide exists between the rural and the urban areas in terms of economic growth and financial stability.

India’s labor force is growing at a rate of 2.5 per cent annually but employment is growing at only 2.3 per cent.

Sooty per cent of India’s workforce is self-employed, many of whom remain very poor. Only about 10 per cent are regular employees, of which two-fifths are employed by the public sector.

I admit that in the past few years IT and business industries created jobs but only a meager 1.3 million for a strong workforce of 400 million Why, India has 17 million child laborers-the highest in the world Astounding Isn’? ?

Remember the India shining campaign? An election was lost on account of this singan- why? because the majority of the Indians refused to accept this abject lie about their country

India is the largest democracy in the world. But for the past 20 years our democracy has been just surviving with governments having a water thin majority at the centre.

Quite interestingly 30% of the world’s literate population comes from India.

The literacy rate of the country is around 57%. Of these Iterate people, most reside in urban areas which constitute around 10% of the inhabited land rural areas occupy the rest.

Clearly the rural India is dominated by illiteracy Mera Bharat Mahaan-doesn’t it sound a trifle hollow? Isn’t it still an aspiration to be fulfilled? India needs to go a long way before it becomes a super power.

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